A How-To Guide to Boost Your Earnings

Why everything in your portfolio needs to have titles

What Is a Title?

Titles are the headlines of your images. They should describe the content of the image, while still being concise and to the point. There is no limit to how many words the “perfect title” should include, but a good rule of thumb is around 8 to 15 words. The title should be descriptive - e.g. a girl eating berries out of a bowl could be named: “Little girl with cherry berries bowl in studio isolated”.

Vintage Rolls Royce with Danish flags in front of red building

Each image should have a distinct descriptive title. Even if you have photos which only have small variations, you will benefit from having these small variations mentioned in the title. E.g. if you have pictures of a business meeting from different angles, why not mention this in the title?

Earn More

Unique titles are essential to making sure our users will see all your amazing work. Taking the time to add titles - even to your existing portfolio - increases the chances that your work will be found and purchased.

When Colourbox users search on our site, images with unique titles appear higher in the search results. Those without unique titles come after. Which group do you want your portfolio in?

Unique titles also boost your images in Google search results. All our images are accessible via search engines, such as Google. If your files have unique and descriptive titles, Google will reward you with great rankings in the image search and you will get even more exposure.

  • Colourbox has more than 7 million images, and titles make it easier for our 100,000+ users to find exactly what they are looking for
  • Our search engine rewards good and penalizes bad behavior. 5 images with great descriptive titles is better than 20 images with short or no titles
  • Your images will rank higher in Google search results
  • More exposure to your downloads = more income for you!

A large percentage of our single download customers come directly from Google. Remember - your payment for 1 single download is one of the highest possible: €1.90.

Truly Unique

You may think you have unique titles, but if you use the same titles on multiple stock sites, you are actually missing out on a lot of income from users who search for images on Google. Without going into too many details, Google is not too fond of images showing up on several different sites with the exact same titles. In short, your images will be shown more often on Google if they have different titles on each site.

So make sure your titles are unique by writing a new, very short summary of the image. Don't re-use titles from other stock sites. Imagine your image is a story. What's the headline?


When you upload your files, our system will automatically detect the metadata you have added using your preferred image editing software. If you have not put any titles in the meta titles, you will be able to add titles to your files in the Keyword Tool. It is a good idea to add the titles as soon as you upload to make sure you do not accidentally forget - you could lose out on potential income.